Is Zebra Halal? [ 2023]

is zebra halal

With its slight sweetness, Zebra meat differentiates from other meats, and leaner than many domestic meats. But, As Muslims, the most important question to ask is : Is Zebra Halal? The answer is: Yes, all scholars agreed on the Halal statues with the condition to be slaughtered by Islamic way ( Zabiha). Is Zebra Halal …

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Is Sushi Halal ? [ 2023]

Is Sushi Halal

For some, eating Sushi is more than just filling up the stomach, it is kind of like the happiness for a lot of people or the same thing; But, as Muslim. The question that arises is: Is Sushi Halal? It can be Halal or it can’t be not. Sushi is Halal if Sushi is made …

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Is Five Guys Halal ? [2023]

is five guys halal

Five guys is well loved fast food chain around the world, because of its fresh and quality ingredients, including 100% fresh beef for burgers and peanut oil for their fries, and its overall experience it offers. Which made it very popular popular to go to, for anyone craving for eat a burger, besides Burger King. …

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Is Burger King Halal? [2023]

is burger king halal

With their flame grilling method, Burger King has a lot of fame through their burgers, the thing that had made them stand out from all the others that do burgers too. But, for Muslims, things go beyond than just a taste, as we do care about staying on Allah’s path as everything else will vanish …

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Is Pizza hut Halal ? [2023]

is pizza hut halal

When pizza comes to mind, Pizza hut also comes to mind; Allowing to customizing pizza by adding or removing topping based on anyone preference is a great deal, but the other great deal is; Is Pizza hut halal? Well, if you are in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom then, it is not …

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Is Chipotle Halal ? [2023]

Is Chipotle Halal

With their fresh ingredients, irresistible flavors to blend of Mexican-inspired flavors, including spices, herbs, and seasonings. That’s what makes, Chipotle; the Mexican inspired cuisines and the fast casual restaurant chain the go too, for many people. But, wait, is Chipotle Halal in the first place? No, it is not halal, especially the meat served there, …

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Are Takis Halal ? [2023- Evidence]

are takis halal

Takis is delicious and additive due to its intense flavor; especially for those how prefer the spacy and tangy snacks. but are Takis halal? The short answer is no, Takis are not halal, so they are haram, it is mentionned on their officiel website. Is Takis Halal? The majority of Islamic scholars have not decided …

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Is butter halal ? [2023]

is butter halal

Butter is delicious due its creamy flavor and smooth texture which make anyone put it on the top list of his favorite food. But, Is butter halal? The short answer is; if the butter is made at home, created out of milk, so it is halal. But, the commercial butter comes with the risk of …

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Is Starburst Halal? [ 2023]

Is StarburstHalal

Resisting candies is a hard thing, and resisting Startbust is more harder, while asking ; Is Starturst halal? The short answer, is depending on your location and the specified located store. Most Starburst are considered halal in the UK; in the contrary to US stores, which everyone should stay away from them, to stay aligned …

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Is Popeyes Halal in all the US & Canada ?

Is Popeyes halal

Who wouldn’t think about Popeyes chicken from time to time, as the popeyes are located in any city in North America. For this, we want to know to, if eating Popeyes chicken is permissible for Muslims; especially how reside across the US and Canada. After we have touched with the Popeyes customer service to conclude …

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