Is Zebra Halal? [ 2023]

With its slight sweetness, Zebra meat differentiates from other meats, and leaner than many domestic meats.

But, As Muslims, the most important question to ask is : Is Zebra Halal? The answer is: Yes, all scholars agreed on the Halal statues with the condition to be slaughtered by Islamic way ( Zabiha).

Is Zebra Halal or Haram?

All Islamic scholars have of the four Sunni Schools of Islamic law had agreed that Zebra is Halal for consumption. As it slaughtered following the Islamic way (Zahbiha).

According to the Islamic Academy on the question if we can eat Zebra; they answered as follow:

Can we Eat the Zebra?

Bazaz Narrated in Sahih Muslim and Bukhari from Abu Qatada (may Allah be pleased with him) that he saw a ZEBRA and hunted it down. Prophet (swallallaho alihi wassallam) inquired do you have any part of its meat he replied yes I have a thigh. Prophet of Allah (swallallaho alihi wassallam) accepted it and ate it.

Also, Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem confirmed that there nothing wrong with eating Zebra, and it is Halal;

The Halal way to slaughter an Animal

The Islamic way to slaughter an animal is called Zabiha. It consists of three main steps:

  • Having the intention that this slaughter will be presented to Allah and not to anyone other than Allah SWT, so should the Zabiha is in the name of Allah SWT.
  • Putting the animal in the direction of Qibla ( the same direction of prayer).
  • And of course, saying it ; In the name of Allah SWT ( Bismillah )
  • Cutting off the jugular vein of the animal using any sharp knife by performing a swift incision in order to slaughter in a painless way.
  • Letting the animal to drain all the blood, with which all the impurities will be gone


  • It is Halal and permissible to eat and consume Zebra while it is slaughtered in the Islamic way.

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