Is Wingstop Halal ? [2023]

And chicken wings brought to the conversation, Wingstop raise their hand as the well known wings, as they offer wing flavors ranging from mild to the spicy ones.

Unlike other fast food restaurant chain, they offer a wide range of other items on the side such as fries, coleslaw, and veggies.

But before savoring these delightful meals, anyone with a Muslim faith must ask the question:

Is Wingstop Halal? Yes and No, it is partially Halal, it’s not Halal in the USA, but it is Halal in UK and Singapore.

Let dive in, why eating at Wingstop is not permissible at many locations around the globe.

Is Wingstop Halal or Haram ?

It all depends on the locations of Wingstop restaurants, in some places have Halal suppliers for their meat, and in other locations, they have not.

In the USA, the Halal meat is not present, beside the absence of any Halal certification, which leads to the fact the Wingstop USA is not Halal.

On the other hand, Wingstop UK and Singapore come with Halal certifications, which give them the Halal status.

Without forgetting that things always change, and it is forever recommended to check the Halal status before consuming.

What is Halal meat ?

Halal meat is one of the Halal food permissible for Muslims to eat, according to Islamic law or Shariaa, referring to the meat slaughtered adhering to Islamic guidelines.

Following these guidelines makes certain that all meat presented in a Muslim meal is very pure.

Pork meat and Alcohol are also prohibited.

And, what about Wingstop meat?

The meat offered at Wingstop in the United States is not pure, given the fact the chicken is not slaughtered the Halal way.

With that said, that they have Halal suppliers and nothing confirms the Halal status of meat in USA restaurants;

Although; The Wingstop resturants in the United States is not Halal, while it is Halal in the UK and Singapore.

Is Wingstop Halal in USA ?

The halal status is unclear, as there is no statement from their part on their official website, and as also they do not serve Halal meat.

Which goes to say, that Wingstop USA is not Halal, due to meat not holding any Halal certification.

And, it is better to stay away from them, and look up for any other alternative

Is Wingstop Halal in the UK ?

Wingstop UK offers Halal meats at their restaurants in different locations across the Kingdom.

As, they stated on their official website the Halal status of the chicken has been supplied:


They answer as follows :

All of our chicken is halal and our halal certification is available in our restaurants.

Our chickens are supplied by our approved suppliers and all chickens are halal slaughtered. 

We take our responsibility to animal welfare very seriously and would like to reassure customers that all our chickens are stunned to minimise suffering and fear before slaughter.

Is Wingstop Halal in Singapore ?

Also, Wingstop do hold Halal verification over their products being served, and as they stated that in their FAQs section on their official website:


Yes. We are Halal certified.


Wingstop UK and Singapore have Halal certifications, so it is permissible to eat there, since they still hold that.

In the USA, the meat served is not Halal certified, as a result, it is prohibited to eat there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can halal eat chicken wings?

If the chicken is Halal, slaughtered according to the Islamic law; then chicken wings are also Halal, in the other case, chicken wings will not Halal to consume.

Is Wingstop halal in Australia?

There is no prove to confirm the Halal status of the food served in Wingstop Australia, it is better to check that at their place.

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