Is Starburst Halal? [ 2023]

Resisting candies is a hard thing, and resisting Startbust is more harder, while asking ; Is Starturst halal? The short answer, is depending on your location and the specified located store.

Most Starburst are considered halal in the UK; in the contrary to US stores, which everyone should stay away from them, to stay aligned with Allah’s guidelines. Here the explanation behind those conclusions.

But before that, what is Starburst anyway?

Starburst is well known chewy candy manufactured by Mars Incorporated. It contains a juicy burst of flavor inside it. It may be used for candy buffets or for gifts.

The company were contacted in order to ask about the Halal certification of their products, and their answer comes as follow;

We cannot confirm that the products sold in the US are certified as Halal, since our products contain vegetarian-friendly whey.

We encourage to read the label to check for the presence of confectionery products.

You can check the Islamic Services of America (ISA) which have lists of certified Mars products.

Here is the list of Starburst ingredients from their official website:


The list contains fat and some artificial flavors, we are not knowledgeable of those chemical components to be sure it doesn’t either alcohol or any other Haram substances.

After reaching to Starburst with this email in order to gain more clarifications from their part:


I hope you are well,

I want to know if Startburst is Halal or not? Otherwise, what do NOT Halal?

Thanks in advance,

IslamiDio team

We got this response from Mars Consumer Care as follow:

Thank you for contacting us about STARBURST®. 
We can confirm that STARBURST is not certified as Halal suitable. This is the latest available information, but it could change in the future without notice. We recommend that you always check the packaging as our products will state if they are suitable for Halal diet or not.

Gelatin is a common thickening and gelling agent from animal-source that contains high levels of protein. It is used in our products to provide the structure and texture that our consumers love about our products. It is derived from beef or pork. Gelatin is not suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets. Gelatin is a gluten-free ingredient.
We hope this information has been helpful. Have a great day!
Kind regards,

Mars Consumer Care

Which now clear, that in the United States, Starburst is Haram, from the words of their mouth.

Is Starburst Halal or Haram?

Starburst products use Gelatin as a component of their products, and Gelatin is usually derived from beef or pork.

While, they assume without any evidence, that the most of Starburst products Gelatin is derived from beef, and the Gelatin found in gummies is coming from pork.

To be far away from any doubt, it is better to stay away from Starburst if you are located in the United States.

Starburst candy in the United Kingdom does not contain Gelatin, so it can be qualified as a Halal product without forgetting to check the label for any additional substances.

To add that, Starburst is not Halal certified even with the use of vegetarian whey, they are not able to guarantee that no alcohol is passing during the production of flavoring.

Is Starburst halal in the US?

No; They are not halal, as they can contain Gelation originated from pork, and Alcohol also can add up to their ingredients.

As Muslim in the United States, it’s recommended not eat Starburst candy products located across the states, as not being considered Halal.

Is Starburst halal in the UK?

Yes, Starburst candy products across the UK are considered to be Halal, as they don’t contain Gelatin within their components;

With that, we must always check the label for any weird components before any consumption of candies.


Are Starburst halal friendly?

Not they are not, as they contain no halal substances such as Gelatin derived from pork, and may contain also some alcohol during the flavoring productions of the Starburst products.

Is Starburst gelatin beef or pork?

Starburst assume that Gelatin is from beef for the candies and it is from pork for the gummies, but there is not real evidence to back up this.

It is better to always stay away from the products that associated with Gelatin since the beginning.

Is there gelatin in Starburst?

Yes, Mars affirm that Starburst products contain Gelatin,

With that said, you should always check the labels.

Can Muslims eat Skittles?

No, Skittles are not Halal as they contain Gelatin.

Final thoughts

Some Starburst products are considered Halal friendly, such as those found in the stores across the UK.

On the other hand, Starbursts products within the United States stores are not Halal by any mean as come with the components that every Muslim should stay away from.

It is always very crucial to check the ingredients list to ensure that the product meets the Halal guidelines.

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