Is Popeyes Halal in all the US & Canada ?

Who wouldn’t think about Popeyes chicken from time to time, as the popeyes are located in any city in North America.

For this, we want to know to, if eating Popeyes chicken is permissible for Muslims; especially how reside across the US and Canada.

After we have touched with the Popeyes customer service to conclude its status

In Canada; chicken, gravy, rice and red beans served in Popeyes are halal.
In the US; chicken, gravy, rice and red beans served in Popeyes are not halal.

Is Popeyes Halal ?

In order to find out if Popeyes halal or haram, and providing you with the right and the authentic information, we contacted the Popeyes’s digital support, and we have this conversation:


I hope you are doing well.

We want to know if the chicken being served at Popeyes is halal in both, the United States and Canada?

Thank you in advance

Islamidio Team

And we had the following response from the support:

Thank you for contacting the Popeyes Guest Care team.

We are happy to assist with your inquiry regarding halal menu items for our United States locations. Please see the below information for halal certifications in the United States.

Popeyes U.S.

Chicken is not halal certified
U.S. restaurants’ gravy contains pork
Gravy and red beans & rice both contain pork-derived ingredients (pork, gelatin, lard, etc)
All fried menu items at our Popeyes US restaurants are cooked using Beef Tallow

Popeyes CA

We are happy to assist with your inquiry regarding halal menu items for our Canadian locations. Our Popeyes Canada restaurants have Certified Halal menus. Please see below for the information regarding our menu items:

All of our chicken products, gravies, and marinades are Halal certified.

All Halal certifications can be reviewed in person at our restaurants.

Some restaurants might offer additional Halal items, to request a list of additional items included in the Halal menu please visit your local Canadian restaurant, as item availability might vary by location.

The information provided regarding our food is as complete as possible at the time of this email, and is based on ingredient lists provided by our suppliers. Variations may occur depending on the season, supplier and/or product preparation at your local restaurant. Please also note that normal kitchen operations can involve shared cooking, preparation areas and utensils, and the possibility exists that your food may come in contact with other food products, including other allergens and ingredients. We recommend that you always consult your healthcare provider for questions regarding your diet.

Thank you for being a valued Popeyes guest!


Guest Care Supervisor

Chicken Popeyes being served in the US is not halal, in addition to the gravy, red beans and rice served in Popeyes in the US contains pork derived ingredients.

On the other hand, Muslims in Canada can enjoy chicken at any location.

Is Popeyes Gravy Halal?

In the United States, Gravy Popeyes is not halal, it contains pork derived ingredients, this includes the one being served at any location in the US. It is recommended to stay away from it.

In Canada, Gravy Popeyes being served is halal so Canadian muslims can enjoy it.

Is Popeyes chicken sandwich Halal?

In the United States, the Popeyes chicken sandwich is not halal, while in Canada Popeyes chicken sandwiches are halal.

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