Is Pizza hut Halal ? [2023]

When pizza comes to mind, Pizza hut also comes to mind;

Allowing to customizing pizza by adding or removing topping based on anyone preference is a great deal, but the other great deal is;

Is Pizza hut halal? Well, if you are in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom then, it is not Halal, since they’re not using any Halal meat.

But in the Muslim countries, it is mostly Halal, as the meat present in their recipes is slaughtered in the Islamic way.

So, what will give the Halal status to a meal; anyway?

First things is the meat should be pork free, pigs are impure in Islam.

And the other type of meat such as beef, or any other eligible one to eat, should be slaughtered in an Islamic way.

Those conditions are not present in the branch of Pizzhut in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom which will make it not Halal.

Is Pizza hut Halal in the US?

Pizza Hut in the United States, don’t have any Halal certification over their any of their meals, and they’re silent about the statues of the meat used in their recipes if they Halal or not.

However, Is Pizza hut Halal in USA? No, it’s not halal, as the meat used is not Halal, beside no having any Halal certification.

And this, propagated to all restaurants around the state, without any exception, so choosing wisely a meal is a must for the Muslim community in the USA.

Is Pizza hut Halal in the UK?

On their official website, Pizza hut has confirmed that there no meat used in their meals is Halal.


None of the food served at Pizza Hut in the UK and Ireland is halal certified.

Which conclude that Muslims in the United Kingdom and Ireland, stay away from Pizza in any location around both countries.

So, Is Pizza Hut Halal in the UK? No, it is no Halal. Looking up for another alternative pizza will be a must.


Pizza hut is not Halal in the USA, UK and Canada, but in some Muslim countries, they assume that meat used is 100% Halal;

You can also go for some alternative meals such as :

  • Veggie Pizza
  • Desserts

But checking before consuming is always being recommended as things may change from one restaurant to another one.

Checking the Halal label certification and you may ask before eat about the ingredients if it’s aligned with Islamic faith or not.

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