Is Five Guys Halal ? [2023]

Five guys is well loved fast food chain around the world, because of its fresh and quality ingredients, including 100% fresh beef for burgers and peanut oil for their fries, and its overall experience it offers.

Which made it very popular popular to go to, for anyone craving for eat a burger, besides Burger King.

Which arises the question, It Five Guys Halal? the short answer is no, especially in the USA and UK and Australia;

In the muslim countries, such as the middle east, Five Guys offers 100% Halal meals.

And now, let’s delve into the reasons behind this Haram status.

Is Five Guys Halal in the US ?

Five Guys is not Halal in the US, because the served meat in their food is not Halal, as the meat is not slaughtered with all the Islamic rituals from the intention to slaughter to Allah SWT, saying Bismillah and left the animal to bleed.

While in Muslim countries, Five Guys offers Halal meats all over their restaurants, while offering Halal meat in the western countries still challenging for this popular food chain. Also, it have no attention for going Halal in the future.

It is well state to look for another alternative to enjoy Halal diet.

Is Five Guys Halal in the UK ?

Five Guys is not Halal in the UK, all the Five Guys restaurants does not serve any Halal meat.

As they mentionned on their official website that the meat presented at their restaurants is not Halal, which means the meat is Haram.

Their statement comes as follows:

Does Five Guys serve Halal or Kosher beef?

Their answer states that:

Five Guys does not serve Halal or Kosher meat in any of our UK locations. 

This includes the beef patties and the all beef hot dogs.

Altough, Five Guys is not an option to consider for the Muslim community in the United Kingdom, for staying inline with Halal verdict.


Meat at Five Guys USA and Five Guys UK is not halal. For this, it is always recommended to check for Halal certified food before asking for a meal.

By doing so, you will always be aligned with Allah’s path SWT.

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