Is Escargot Halal? [2023]

Escargot has a unique taste that is often described as between the seafood and poultry, its natural flavor is earthy and slightly nutty..

But, wait a minute, is that even Halal?

Is escargot Halal? The short answer is yes, as it is considered from the land snails.

Let’s dig deep into the explanation.

Is Escargot Halal or Haram ?

Escargot is Halal for types types; whether they live in the sea or on the land.

It is permissible to consume the type living in the sea as it is belongs to the Halal sea food; and all seafood is Halal for Muslims.

On the other hand, escargot living on land has no blood that flows. Given that, there is no necessity to consider among slaughter with no no blood contains within the body.

To back this up, IslamQA had confirmed this view, which means the Halal status.

The permissibility of eating snails applies to both types, both land and sea snails. If they are cooked alive there is nothing wrong with that, because land snails have no blood and sea snails come under the general permissibility of sea game and food.

Their explanation comes as follows :

Snails are of two types, land snails and sea snails. Land snails come under the same heading as “insects and vermin” which have no blood that flows. Sea snails come under the heading of shellfish, which are sea animals. 

In al-Mawsu’ah al-‘Arabiyyah al-‘Alamiyyah it says: 

“The snail is an invertebrate sea animal, and it is a kind of shellfish. Most snails have an external shell; some snails have a small flat shell above or under the skin, but most do not have a shell at all. 

Land snails have a pair of antennae, with an eye at the end of the longer antenna. The large sand snail is regarded as a harmful pest, because it has a voracious appetite for plants. Its length reaches 10 cm.”

By the way, Escargot is the French word for “snail”. In English speaking countries, Escargot refers typically to land snails as a dish.

So, when people refer to eating ” Escargot”, they’re usually talking about certain types of land snails.

Which brings to another important question!

Are snails Halal?

So, what are snails?

Snails are these small creatures that existed around us for a very long time.

They’ve these protective shells on their backs, they pull it when they feel under threat.

Snails are not insects, and both of them are very different from each other, they belong to different kind of animals.

Each type of animal has its uniqueness of characteristics and classifications.

Snails have soft bodies protected by a hard and coiled shell, they move at a slow pace. They don’t have any distinct body sections or legs. Also, they have tentacles on their heads with the long bearing eyes.

In contrast, Insects have their bodies divided into three main segments: the head, the thorax and the abdomen. They’re known for the six jointed legs and many of them have wings helping them to fly.

Which shows very diversified type of animals in the realm of species.

Sheikh Dr Aziz bin Farhan Al Anzi Affirmed the view of the permissibility of eating Escargot or land sails if no blood flows in their body, because it blood considered impure.

For this reason, we slaughter animals to get rid of all the blood and the impurities come with it.

Sheikh had stated, that sea snails are Halal, and land snails are considered Halal if don’t contain blood.


Escargot is considered Halal if doesn’t any blood; in this case. It is permissible to eat.

Also, all sea snails are Halal to consume, according to the Quran.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Muslims allowed to eat snails?

If the snails is from the sea, it is considered Halal. If it is land snails and contains no blood, it is also Halal, but blood flows in their body, at that time, it is no Halal.

What is escargot made of?

It is a dish in which escargot is cooked in their shell. Afterward, remove the shell to be eatable.

Is escargot considered a fish?

No, escargot is not a fish. Esacragot refers to land snails while the fish is referring to sea food.

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