Is butter halal ? [2023]

Butter is delicious due its creamy flavor and smooth texture which make anyone put it on the top list of his favorite food.

But, Is butter halal? The short answer is; if the butter is made at home, created out of milk, so it is halal. But, the commercial butter comes with the risk of having Haram substance.

Here is the explanation when butter is halal, and which case butter is no longer halal?

Is butter Halal or Haram ?

Homemade butter is pure halal as far as it is not created with an additional substance to doubt about such as Gelatin or Whey or any other additives.

The butter is halal since there is no other variable playing in the making process.

For the commercial butter bought from the market or stores; goes through a complex process so it can be produced on high frequency level.

This process allows the companies to produce in bulk good quantity of butter, so they can maximize their profits.

For this, the commercial is highly susceptible of having Haram ingredients within them, during the production process.

So, what are those ingredients to be aware of their presence before any consumption?

There are four factors putting the Haram post it on butter; The obvious one is Alcohol, then Gelatine, Whey and Lard.

Pork Gelatin

Gelatin is a protein derived from the collagen, it is often found in the connective tissues, bones and skin of animals such as cows, pigs or fish.

It is used as a gelling agent to stabilize the liquid at the core stage of butter production, which start from the milk to the cream and finally to the butter.

When the butter is converted to a cream, the gelatin comes into place in the manufacturing process.

Therefore, if the gelatin used as the principal ingredient of making the butter is extracted from pigs, or Haram beef then the butter will be definitely Haram.

In this case, of the use of pork Gelatin or Haram beef gelatin, the butter will be considered to be Haram.

Does butter contains alcohol?

But wait, what? Alcohol and butter, any relation?

Butter during its production process, it must be passed the flavoring phase, a lactic acid or starter distillate is added to butter as a natural flavor.

As starter distillate or the other ingredient added contains small percentages of alcohol; the butter will be considered Haram and not Halal to consume.

Does butter contains Whey ?

Whey get in the process of making the cream used to create the butter, it is a byproduct obtained in the process of making butter or cheese.

According to many scholars, Whey is high risk ingredient come from animals, that may not be Halal.

For this reason, the butter contains not Halal whey is not Halal butter.

Does butter contains Lard ?

Lard is another type of fat comes from pigs, it adds subtle and pleasant flavor to the butter.

As, any ingredient come from pigs is not halal, then any butter contains lard is not Halal.

Which Butter is Halal to consume?

The halal certified butter is first to be considered as Halal, beside any butter made at home, with no additional ingredients that will make it not Halal.

It is generally, better to avoid any commercial at it may contains high risk ingredients such as pork gelatin, lard or alcohol.

It is always recommended to check the label for halal certified and for the presence of any of the discussed Haram ingredients to stay within Allah’s guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

Can muslims eat butter?

Muslims can eat butter if its salted Halal butter or it is homemade butter with no additives Haram ingredients or it is Halal certified.

Is butter Halal certified?

The butter can be Halal certified, and with that, since the butter is commercial, checking the label for high risk Haram ingredients is crucial.

Why is salted butter Halal?

The salted is made of the seperation of the cream and the milk and salt with no additional ingredient, finding more than that, will make it questionable.

What butter is Halal friendly?

The salted butter is Halal friendly, and the commercial butter if doesn’t contain any ingredient from the high risk factors of Haram.

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