Is Burger King Halal? [2023]

With their flame grilling method, Burger King has a lot of fame through their burgers, the thing that had made them stand out from all the others that do burgers too.

But, for Muslims, things go beyond than just a taste, as we do care about staying on Allah’s path as everything else will vanish in a way or another, which raise that important question:

Is Burger King Halal or Haram? The short answer is, it’s depends on the location. In the USA, Burger King doesn’t serve Halal food.

And Burger King UK is not Halal too, While it offers their halal food in the middle east and Arab countries.

To know more about the reasons behind this, let’s go deep into the explanation!

Is Burger King Halal or Haram?

In Muslim and Arab countries Burger King serves Halal meat, slaughtered through the Islamic way, while in the western countries, Burger King declares that offering Halal meat in mass production is very challenging for them.

Due to the food regulations to follow and also, As large food chain the production of meats must comply with USDA standards in regarding how meats should be processed.

So, all of this, makes the meat present in the Burger King restaurants is Haram and not Halal; as the meat is not slaughtered with all the Islamic rituals from the intention to slaughter to Allah SWT, saying Bismillah and left the animal to bleed.

All of this, is going in another way for Burger King UK and USA.

Is Burger King Halal in the United States?

The restaurants in the United States do not serve Halal meat, which makes the Burger King is not Halal in the USA.

If you find yourself at Burger King USA, you can opt for some vegetarian options such as garden side salad, Halal drinks or salads after ensuring the Halal statues before start eating.

You may find some local US restaurants that offer Halal certified food due to the high local demand, but it is not always a go to option.

Otherwise, the other meals such as Humbugs and Sandwiches are not Halal certified.

Is Burger King Halal in the United Kingdom?

Also, the meat offered at Burger King UK is not Halal meat, while the standard of Islamic Halal statues is not met.

You may find, some exceptions at some UK restaurants of finding Halal certified food.

Try to give a shot by asking for the presence of Halal food.

However, Burger King UK had mentioned on their official website, that the meat served there is not Halal:

Is Burger King meat halal?

Their response was:

No, not currently.


Meat at Burger King USA and Burger King UK is not halal. For this, it is always recommended to check for Halal certified food before asking for a meal.

By doing so, you will always be aligned with Allah’s path SWT.

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