Is Alcohol Denat Halal? [2023]

Alcohol denatured is used for several purposes, it can act as a solvent, or as an antiseptic to kill bacteria and viruses on the skin. It is also frequent to use in other cosmetic products.

Which arises for us, the question as Muslims; Is Alcohol denat Halal? The short answer is: Yes; while it is not used as a drink.

Here is the explanation!

Is Denat Alcohol Halal or Haram?

Any drinkable Alcohol (Khamr) resulted from fermentation of grabs or apples, is prohibited in Islam. While, not drinkable Alcohol used in sanitizers and perfumes is permissible.

Now, Let’s first understand that Alcohol is more general than the word ( Khamr ).

While, Alcohol is a more generic term for a compound solution, not all alcohol is consumed.

Which means that the alcohol found in ( Khamr ) and wine which is a drink. On the other side, synthetic alcohols found in perfumes and sanitizers are not the same found in wine.

Why Alcohol Denat is not Haram?

Khamr is an intoxicant forbidden is Islam, to take as a drink or food, it is impure in the Islamic law.

Impure substance means Najis in Islam.

There nothing that forbids alcolohic sanitizers, perfumers, and fragrances, as they’re not impure to use as not a drink.

There is not proven that synthetic alcohols are impure.

Also, Alcohol denat is a chemical, for example oils exist in many forms. It can be used in the kitchen as it can be used for vehicules as oil engine.

So, there nothing wrong with using chemicals. Alcohol Denat is permissible of the use of perfumes or cosmetics.

Altougth; there is a huge difference between intoxicants like Khamr and synthetic alcohol

Which makes this last one; synthetic alcohol or Alcohol Denat is permissible.

To back this up, IslamQA stated that the use of Alcohol Denat is permissible;

In conclusion, reputable authorities have related that alcohol is pure. Other views are also found stating that alcohol may be pure, depending on the reason for why it was made.

The Shafi Madhhab’s reference works express that liquid intoxicants are impure.

Today, some products, like hygienic and cleaning products, are essential. Authorities within the Madhhab have established legal principles [qawaid fiqhiyyah], such as what is mentioned above.

In light of these principles, there is satisfactory justification to consider the alcohol found in products vital in people’s lives as excusable [‘afw].

Also Cheik Mufti Menk had confirmed the same view:


To conclude, Alcohol Denat is permissible in Islam since it is not used as a drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is alcohol denat halal in skincare?

Alcohol Denat used in medicine and personal care is permissible as it is not intoxicating for its user.

Is alcohol denat in makeup haram?

The use of Alcohol Denat is not prohibited in Islam. Otherwise, foods and drinks containing Alcohol are prohibited and not permitted in Islam.

Is alcohol denat alcohol?

Alcohol Denat is a type of denaturant Alcohol.

Other interested questions:

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