Is Daim Chocolate Halal or Haram ? [2023]

What makes Daim Chocolate delicious is its perfect combination of crunchy almond caramel and its creamy milk, the sweet chocolate completes the toffee-like caramel center.

Creating by that delightful blend of flavors and make it a favorite for chocolate lovers from all around the world.

But, before enjoying its sweetness, is Is Daim Chocolate Halal or Haram ? The short answer is no.

The full explanation of why is that is in the next lines!

Is Daim Chocolate Halal or Haram ?

The Halal status is gained by any eatable food, when it is pure. The pure food in Islam are those that are free from any impurities or prohibited ingredient.

Impure food comes from animal sources that are not slaughtered following the Islamic way of slaughter ” Zabiha”. Beside the presence of the Haram and impure substances such as pork and alcohol.

You can check the video for more information about Gelatine form Sheikh Assim al Hakeem.

Those are the big red flags to check on the label before ever consuming any kind of food.

In our case, it will depend on the country where you live in.

For the UK and the USA, many sources had pointed that the Daim chocolate contains Gelatine sourced from pork. So, the Cadbury Dairy milk contains pork Gelatine which gives it the Haram status.

On the other hand, Cadbury Daim chocolate had stated the use of Halal Certified Gelatine derived from beef.

Is Daim Chocolate Halal in the USA ?

Daim chocolate has no Halal certification, which gives no certainty about the use of Halal Gelatine or not, as those companies cares more about their fast production other sourcing ingredients from Halal animals.

So, it is recommended to stay away from Daim chocolate in the United States in order to gain that peace of mind.

Is Daim Chocolate Halal in the UK ?

As we stated above, Daim chocolate contained prohibited Gelatine extracted from Pork, as referred by many sources.

Also, the company behind the candy bar called Kraft Food, hold no Halal certification over their products, which adds more reasons to not consume this kind of chocolate.

Is Daim Chocolate Halal in Australia?

On the contrary, to the stores in the United States and the UK, Cadbury Daim Chocolate had mentioned on their official site the use of Halal Gelatine extracted from Halal beef.

Please note, if any of our Australian products contain gelatine in the ingredients, the gelatine we use is halal certified and derived from beef.

Final Thoughts

It is well recommended to check the label before consuming any candy bar to spot the Haram substances such as Pork derivates, Alcohol flavoring or animal source based product that are not slaughtered following the Islamic way.

Also, you can always ask if the their products come with a Halal certification or the ingredients are Halal and Muslim friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which chocolates are halal or haram?

The chocolates that contain Halal ingredients, free from Gelatine extracted from pork or any impure animal sources, and free any Alcohol based flavoring is considered Halal, otherwise, it will be Haram.

Is gelatin is haram in Islam?

The Halal status of Gelatine depends on the animal sources extracted from, if it is Halal and slaughtered in the Islamic way, at this time Gelatine is considered Halal, but if the Gelatine is made of Pork or from beef not slaughtered in an Islamic way, the Gelatine will not be Halal.

Is Daim chocolate Vegetarian?

Daim chocolate is considered vegetarian friendly as it’s made with sourced cocoa.

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