Are Twizzlers Halal ? [2023]

A lot of people prefer to eat Twizzlers for its chewy and very sweet taste, it is known for its unique texture and fruity flavor, which make it one of the numerous choices of sugar candies.

But, Are Twizzlers Halal ? The short answer is No, they used Gelatin sourced from pork, and Ethyl alcohol in the flavoring process.

Are Twizzlers Halal or Haram ?

To gain the Halal status, any product should be clean of any animal source, as beefs are not slaughtered following the Islamic Zabiha.

Also, if either any other component within the manufacturing process is extracted from Pork, or made using Alcohol derivates, it will gain the Haram status for this product.

Those are the big red flags to check on the label before ever consuming any eatable food.

In our case, both Gelatin and Ethyl alcohol are presented within their product ingredients. Also, they have no Halal certification over their candies.

According to The Hershey’s Company, the company that is famous with their wide range of chocolate, including Hershey’s chocolate bars, Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and may more sweety products.

Twizzerls is just another unserious and fun candy from the Hershey’s company.

To investigate if the Twizzerls Halal or Haram; those questions were asked their customer service about the Halal status of the following Hershey’s candies:

- Twizzerls Twists Strawberry 
- Twizzerls PULL ‘N’ PEEL Cherry 
- Twizzerls Twists Rainbow Candy
- Twizzerls Gummies Original 

They come up to confirm that their candies are not Halal, as they contain either Gelatin extracted from Pork or for the presence of Alcohol Ethyl in their flavoring phase of production.

Ethyl alcohol can be used as part of the extraction process or as a carrier for both artificial and natural flavor. 

Natural flavors are derived from natural sources but can still have carriers as part of the composition in order to “deliver” the flavor to a food.  

In addition, the gelatin ingredient in some of our candy (such as the Twizzelers Gummies) is sourced from pork.

Note that, Pork is an impure animal in our Islamic religion, it is prohibited to eat according to the Quran; adding to that, Alcohol consumption or any other substance that affected the normal function of the brain and their intellectual capabilities.

All this to say, that according to the company itself, Twizzelers are Haram and not Halal for any Muslim how cares about their faith.

Are Twizzlers Ingredients Halal ?

The Hershey’s company has no Halal certified products, as many of the ingredients used in their manufacturing process are suspicious.

Also to mention the company do not mention Gelatin on the ingredients list, but they confirm their use when having been contacted 👀

So we end up added it to the list.

And, here is the list mentioned on their official site, sorted in accordance with their respective Halal status :

IngredientHalal Status
Corn SyrupGenerally Halal
Enriched Wheat FlourGenerally Halal
FlourGenerally Halal
NiacinGenerally Halal
Ferrous SulfateGenerally Halal
Thiamin MononitrateGenerally Halal
RiboflavinGenerally Halal
Folic AcidGenerally Halal
SugarGenerally Halal
CornstarchGenerally Halal
Palm OilGenerally Halal
SaltGenerally Halal
Artificial FlavorNot Halal (Ethyl alcohol used)
Mono and DiglyceridesGenerally Halal
Citric AcidGenerally Halal
Potassium Sorbate (PRESERVATIVE)Generally Halal
Artificial Color (Red 40)Not Halal (Ethyl alcohol used)
Mineral OilGenerally Halal (unless derived from non-halal sources)
LecithinGenerally Halal
GlycerinGenerally Halal
GelatinNot Halal (derived from Pork)

Are Twizzlers Halal in the USA ?

As the Twizzelers served the United States is impure, for the presence of Gelation derived from Pork and the use of Ethyl alcohol within the flavoring stage.

Twizzelers is prohibited to consume, and it is not Halal.

Are Twizzlers Halal in the UK and Canada ?

As the date of writing, The Hershey’s company behind the Twizzlers do not prohibit the use of animal derived ingredients in the production process of their candies.

For this, it’s highly advised to stay away from Twizzlers in both the UK and Canada.

Final Thoughts

If you still wonder if Twizzlers are Halal or Haram, bear in your mind that they Gelatin extracted from Pork, beside Ethyl Alcohol in order to make their flavors.

Which give it widely enough reasons to stay away from their candies, and look up for other purely Halal candies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Twizzlers have gelatin?

Yes, Twizzlers contain Gelatin, and it extracted from Pork, the impure animal in our Islamic religion.

Which candy is not halal?

Any candy made with non-Gelatin sources is considered to be Halal. Also, the use of Ethyl Alcohol in the flavoring stage is another red flag.

It is recommended to check the label and don’t bother to ask the representative for the components used.

Do Twizzlers have alcohol?

There is no Alcohol substance element within their ingredients, but the Ethyl Alcohol is well presented in the flavoring process which give it the Haram status.

Do Twizzlers have animal fat?

Glycerin is present within their ingredients, it is a byproduct of soap manufacture that uses animal fat in their production.

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