Are Rice Krispies Halal ? [2023]

Rice Krispies combine of crispy texture and a sweet taste, with its rice cereal puffs, creating a delightful crunch and pleasant flavor.

Combining cereal with milk gives sweet experience, and the simplicity of flavors makes it the first option as a beloved breakfast for many people.

But, Are Rice Krispies Halal ? The short answer is no, because rice krispies contain Gelatin coming from animal sources, that are not slaughtered according to the Islamic way.

Let’s dive in into the details behind this status:

Are Rice Krispies Halal or Haram ?

Rice Krispies comes with Gelatin gives the Haram status, as Gelatin is from an animal origin.

Animals should be slaughtered through the Islamic way to gain the Halal status, and other animals like pork and similar Haram are out of this rule.

But what is the Islamic way of slaughtered an animal, it is called Zabiha. It consists of three main steps:

  • Having the intention that this slaughter will be presented to Allah and not to anyone other than Allah SWT, so should the Zabiha is in the name of Allah SWT.
  • Putting the animal in the direction of Qibla ( the same direction of prayer).
  • And of course, saying it ; In the name of Allah SWT ( Bismillah )
  • Cutting off the jugular vein of the animal using any sharp knife by performing a swift incision in order to slaughter in a painless way.
  • Letting the animal to drain all the blood, with which all the impurities will be gone

If Rice Krispies are Haram with the presence of Gelatine, and in case, there is no Alcohol or Pork or Haram flavoring, which is not what we have to be considered Halal.

Also, Kellogg’s confimed that their products are not Halal :

For the current time we do not offer Halal certified products in the United States  and Canada due to procurement of our ingredients and the manufacturing of our products.

The gelatin in all flavors of Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats® and Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats® Snap Crackle Poppers™ may be from either beef or pork. We use both and cannot verify which was used.

Are Rice Krispies Ingredients Halal or Haram ?

Checking every ingredient on the list to check their Halal status:

IngredientsHalal Status
Toasted rice cerealHalal
Corn syrupHalal
Vegetable oil (soybean and palm oil with TBHQ for freshness)Halal
Corn syrup solidsHalal
Contains 2% or less of vegetable glycerinHalal
Natural and artificial flavors (contains milk)Halal
Acetylated monoglyceridesHalal
Soy lecithinHalal
BHT for freshnessHalal

Note that those ingredients are changing over time, any Haram flavor can be added at any time.

Rice Krispies Alternatives

There is some Halal alternatives for Rice Krispies:

  • Halal Crispy Treats, Marshmallow and Crispy Rice
  • Annie’s Organic Original Crispy Snack Bars


The answer to: Are Rice Krispies Halal is No, it is considered to be Haram due to the Presence of Gelatin within its ingredients.

And it is always recommended to check the label before consuming to spot any Haram ingredient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there halal rice crispy?

Halal Crispy are made of 100 % Halal products, its Gelatin comes from fish.

Does Rice Krispies have animal gelatin?

The ingredients involve in the manufacturing process of Rice Krispies are either from beef or Pork, which animal based Gelatin. It is considered not Halal.

Do Rice Krispies have animal products?

Yes, their ingredients are animal based, either from beef or Pork.

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