Are Furries Haram ? [2023]

The Furries are a popular subculture of individuals interested in animal characters with human characteristics or qualities.

Those individuals create artwork, costumes and fursuits and roleplay animals characters. It is considered for many as a hobby and filling up time.

But, Are Furries Haram ? The short answer is Yes, as it is prohibited for Muslims to dress, act or imitate to be animals.

Are Furries Halal or Haram?

As a lot of people take part of the furry member community, they create fursona that embodies the personality traits, physical attributes of different sets of animals such as cats and rabbits.

They wear what called fursuits in public or in person or online.

As part of the Muslim community, it is not allowed to wear furries, dress up like animals or imitate them in any way or shape.

Because, Islam has given high and top rank for us as a human being among all the creatures, created by Allah SWT.

Allah SWT create the Angels from the light and had ordered them to bow down to Adam A.S. Which gave human high of grading among all the creatures. And downgrading to animals, it is sort of undervaluing our true value attributed by Allath SWT.

According to IslamQA, it is not permissible to wear or act alike animals:

ينظر : "أحكام التصوير في الفقه الإسلامي" ، ص 241- 261 ، فتاوى نور على الدرب للشيخ ابن عثيمين ، شريط رقم ( 374 ) وجه أ .

 وعلى القول بجواز الدمى على سبيل العموم ، فإن لبس الإنسان لما صنع على هيئة الدب مثلا ، ومحاكاته له في حركته ومشيته فيه محذوران : التشبه بالحيوان ، ولبس الصورة أو ما فيه صورة .

This Fatwa comes from Sheikh Ibn Uthaymin had stated:

It is prohibited for human beings to wear or dress up like animals or act like them. As prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam ﷺ said that angels don't enter homes with human wall picture frames.

Moreover, if the situation comes with wearing fursuits and act like animals, leading to devaluing their dignity, humanity and the intellectual power to animals with no thinking and what so ever.


It is clear now that furries are Haram to wear, and it is not to Muslim to wear furry in any situation and stay away from that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Muslim be a Furry?

Our Islamic faith does not allow to wear or act like animals in order to preserve the highest level of dignity and level of intellectual given by Allah SWT.

Is it okay to be a furry?

No, it is not okay to be furry as Muslim, it is recommended to explain it in layman’s terms to kids at any age.

Is it haram to imitate animal sounds?

Imitating animals or acting like them is not allowed in our Islamic religion. And that’s include any form of imitation in shape or in act.

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