Are Fruit Loops Halal ? [ 2023 ]

Fruit Loops or Froot Loops are well known brand of colorful, fruit-flavored breakfast cereal, it is produced by Kellogo’s and sold in many countries around the world.

Those cereals are consisted of multi-colored, fruit flavored loops, it is also known for its sweet and fruity taste.

As Fruit Loops are very popular cereal breakfast and most enjoyed by children.

For this reason, the question that arises is:

Are Fruit Loops Halal? The short answer is that the ingredients consisted of Fruit Loops are considered Halal to consume. As no animal origin substance is present, not to forget Gelatin may make Fruit Loops Haram if it’s present.

Are Fruit Loops Halal Or Haram ?

Other important things to check for when investigation the Halal status before eating Fruit Loops:

  • The presence of an animal origin substance anywhere in the product whether, its beef or chicken which are prohibited due to the non Islamic way of slaughter. And Pork is not permissible by definition for its impurity.
  • The presence of Gelatin extracted for an animal origin give also a Haram status to the Fruit Loops.
  • Pinpointing Alcohol products and its derivatives

Our Islamic lifestyle consists of staying pure in all areas of our life, eating is the majority of it.

For this, the animals that we eat in order to be Halal, it should be slaughtered following the Islamic way of Zabiha; It consists of three main steps:

  • Having the intention that this slaughter will be presented to Allah and not to anyone other than Allah SWT, so should the Zabiha is in the name of Allah SWT.
  • Putting the animal in the direction of Qibla ( the same direction of prayer).
  • And of course, saying it ; In the name of Allah SWT ( Bismillah )
  • Cutting off the jugular vein of the animal using any sharp knife by performing a swift incision in order to slaughter in a painless way.
  • Letting the animal to drain all the blood, with which all the impurities will be gone.

List Of Fruit Loops Ingredients Status

Let’s delve in the ingredients list of the Kelloggo’s cereal mentioned on their official site.

To we can check the Halal status of each ingredient on the label list:

ComponentHalal Status
Corn flour blendYes
Wheat flourYes
Whole grain oat flourYes
Modified food starchYes
Vegetable oilYes
Oat fiberYes
Soluble corn fiberYes
Natural flavorYes
Red 40Yes ( To Check For)
Yellow 5Yes
Blue 1Yes
Yellow 6Yes
BHT for freshnessYes
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)Yes
Reduced ironYes
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride)Yes
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)Yes
Vitamin B1 (thiamin hydrochloride)Yes
Folic acidYes
Vitamin D3Yes
Vitamin B12Yes

Note that we are not a food expert by any mean, it is always encouraged to double check its components on the ingredients list as things can be changed at any time.

Put the rule in mind, the presence of any impure components on the list will give Haram status to the consumption of the product.

As we didn’t find any not Halal ingredient within its components list that comes from an animal origin or Pork or Alcohol derivatives.

So, put in mind that the presence of any Animal substance may give an Haram status.

While there are some talking about the Red40 if it is Halal or not, we want to present some alternatives for Fruit Loops.

Fruit Loops Alternatives

There no clear findings that are not permissible to consume. Some of us will tend to stay on the alternative side, it is recommended to check Nestle’s Milo cereal.

Are Fruit Loops Halal In The USA And Canada?

Fruit Loops is not Halal certified in both the USA and Canada.

However, Kellogg’s claimed that no ingredients used comes for an animal origin, nor Pork or Gelatin or contained within their manufacturing process.

Final Thoughts

To answer clearly the question if Fruit Loops are Halal or not. It is recommended to check for a Halal certification first;

Then check the ingredients on the label to spot any substance coming for an animal origin, Pork, Alcohol or any other impure substances.

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