Are Rice Krispies Halal ? [2023]

are rice krispies halal

Rice Krispies combine of crispy texture and a sweet taste, with its rice cereal puffs, creating a delightful crunch and pleasant flavor. Combining cereal with milk gives sweet experience, and the simplicity of flavors makes it the first option as a beloved breakfast for many people. But, Are Rice Krispies Halal ? The short answer …

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Are Hershey Kisses Halal ? [2023]

Are Hershey Kisses Halal

Hershey’s Kisses are very popular chocolate brand made by The Hershey Company. It is one of the largest and well known chocolate manufacturers in the United States. Hershey’s Kisses are small bite-sized chocolates, their shape is like small drops of kisses, which refers the their name. As a Muslim living in non Muslim, it is …

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Are Furries Haram ? [2023]

Are Furries Haram

The Furries are a popular subculture of individuals interested in animal characters with human characteristics or qualities. Those individuals create artwork, costumes and fursuits and roleplay animals characters. It is considered for many as a hobby and filling up time. But, Are Furries Haram ? The short answer is Yes, as it is prohibited for …

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Are Fruit Loops Halal [ 2023 ]

Are Fruit Loops Halal

Fruit Loops or Froot Loops are well known brand of colorful, fruit-flavored breakfast cereal, it is produced by Kellogo’s and sold in many countries around the world. Those cereals are consisted of multi-colored, fruit flavored loops, it is also known for its sweet and fruity taste. As Fruit Loops are very popular cereal breakfast and …

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Is Escargot Halal? [2023]

is escargot halal

Escargot has a unique taste that is often described as between the seafood and poultry, its natural flavor is earthy and slightly nutty.. But, wait a minute, is that even Halal? Is escargot Halal? The short answer is yes, as it is considered from the land snails. Let’s dig deep into the explanation. Is Escargot …

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Are Doritos Halal ? [2023]

Are Doritos Halal

Doritos is a very well known brand, it is likeable for many people for the their unique combination of flavors. It is easy to carry, store and consume, making the go to snack. For this, any Muslim will question the Halal status of their food. So, Are doritos Halal? The short answer, is No because …

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Is Wingstop Halal ? [2023]

is wingstop halal

And chicken wings brought to the conversation, Wingstop raise their hand as the well known wings, as they offer wing flavors ranging from mild to the spicy ones. Unlike other fast food restaurant chain, they offer a wide range of other items on the side such as fries, coleslaw, and veggies. But before savoring these …

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Is Crab Halal ? [ 2023]

is crab halal

Crabs are being eaten by many people around the world, in different cultures, due to its flavorful meat, it is also a source of lean protein and rich in vitamins. It is also one of the sea living entities widely present in the seas and oceans, which arises the permissibility question about it. As Muslims; …

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Is Chick Fil Halal ? [2023]

is chick fil halal

Many people choose to eat Chick Fil chicken sandwiches, nuggets, waffle fries, or any other items on the menu. Either for the high quality of food, courteous customer service and the clean and the well maintained restaurants. But, wait what ! In the first place, it is needed to check the Halal status ? Is …

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Is Alcohol Denat Halal? [2023]

Is Alcohol Denat Halal

Alcohol denatured is used for several purposes, it can act as a solvent, or as an antiseptic to kill bacteria and viruses on the skin. It is also frequent to use in other cosmetic products. Which arises for us, the question as Muslims; Is Alcohol denat Halal? The short answer is: Yes; while it is …

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